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SOTN Alucard

platforms XBLA
categories Any%
All Bosses
Glitchless Any%

Alucard runs are longer and more complex, including numerous tricks and glitches. This page includes information on the character, his special moves and some of the advanced tricks that can be performed.


Character Information and Mechanics

  • MP gained each level: 4 or 5
  • Base stats: see Prologue#Bonuses
  • Landing from great heights(around 128px) causes Alucard to get locked out of moving for 10 frames if he walked off a ledge or 33 if he jumped or untransformed. This stun can be canceled by jumping or tapping shield.

Special Moves

Move Input MP Total frames Invincible DMG Notes
Wing Smash JMP (hold) +SotnArrowU.pngSotnArrow7.pngSotnArrowL.pngSotnArrow1.pngSotnArrowD.pngSotnArrow3.pngSotnArrowR.png+ JMP (release) 8 63 63 50 Speed is a constant 6.0 regardless of trajectory. Slows down to ~5.5 when going forward against an upward slope, but can be mitigated by holding up.
Gravity Boots SotnArrowD.pngSotnArrowU.png+ JMP 4 44 0 0 Can be chained.
Soul Steal SotnArrowL.pngSotnArrowR.pngSotnArrow3.pngSotnArrowD.pngSotnArrow1.pngSotnArrowL.pngSotnArrowR.png+ ATK 50 0 0 0 Each hit heals Alucard for 8hp.
Tetra Spirit SotnArrowU.png(charge)SotnArrow9.pngSotnArrowR.pngSotnArrow3.pngSotnArrowD.png+ ATK 10 0 0 15 Charge for 32+ frames. Charge is ignored if you start from SotnArrow7.png or SotnArrow9.png, so try to go to neutral then to SotnArrowU.png.
Summon Spirit SotnArrowL.pngSotnArrowR.png(or NEUTRAL)SotnArrowU.pngSotnArrowD.png+ ATK 5 0 12
Dark Metamorphosis SotnArrowL.pngSotnArrow7.pngSotnArrowU.pngSotnArrow9.pngSotnArrowR.png+ ATK 10 0 0 0
Hellfire SotnArrowU.pngSotnArrowD.pngSotnArrow3.pngSotnArrowR.png+ ATK + control teleport movement 15 0 0 30 hold down to cancel the attack.
Shield Rod Spell SHIELD + ATK 20 0 0 0 Alucard shield spell lasts around 69 seconds of holding the shield out. Ends prematurely if you run out of mana and try to use it.



Common Skips


Video Tutorials

Speed Values

horizontal speed values vertical speed values
Walking 1.5 Gravity Boots 12.0 UP
Jumping 1.5 Gravity Boots with scroll lock 4.0 UP
Wing Smash 6.0 Jump TOP 4.9 UP
Backdash TOP 3.5 Double jump TOP 4.1 UP
Wolf Dash TOP 3.0 Wing Smash TOP 6.0 UP
Big Toss 8.0 Falling TOP 7.0 DOWN
Skill of Wolf TOP 5.0 Divekick TOP 7.0 DOWN
Power of Wolf TOP 9.0 Zipping Mist 16.0
Optimal frontslide Average 3.3 Zipping 32.0 DOWN
Glitchtoss 4.0 Mist flying TOP 0.5 UP
Diagonal Gravity Boots 3.0 Power of Mist 1.0
Thrust special TOP 2.5 Bat flying 1.3
Bat flying forward 1.2 Wolf high jump TOP 4.9
Bat flying Diagonal 0.8
Mist Flying TOP 0.5