SOTN Batdash and Batkick

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Batdash and Batkick are the fastest ways to go horizontally while transforming to bat form from a standing position.


  • The bat transformation extends horizontal momentum significantly by overriding the momentum decay to about 1ppf over most of the transformaton.

SotnBatdash.gif SotnBatkick.gif


  • Press bat as soon as possible after executing backdash or divekick to rpeserve the most momentum. (both moves start at max speed and decay)
  • You can do an instant turn around batdash by pressing back and dash on the same frame, then rpoessing bat. Useful for some rooms in All Bosses where there is no space to step forward first.

Common Mistakes

  • Pressing bat and dash on the same frame.
  • Pressing jump too soon in loading rooms to initiate double jump before batkick.

Video Tutorials

Turbo Tutorials: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Any% ( Bat Techniques in Real Time)