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Richter Skip

There are two methods of performing Richter Skip, one method using Wolf form, and another method using Bat form. Both methods are detailed below. The Wolf Method is part of the Standard Route for the Any% NSC category. The Bat Method can be easier or more reliable for some players, but is slower to execute. The goal for both methods is to be able to unlock the camera in the area just outside of the Throne Room. Doing so will trigger a glitch when you try to enter the Throne Room, causing you to bypass the fight with Richter altogether and triggering the cutscene that plays just before you enter the Inverted Castle.

Wolf Method Richter Skip

The Wolf method of Richter Skip involves using a very precise jump at the top of the stairs while in Wolf form to jump over an invisible area that would normally trigger the camera to lock on to the hallway leading to the Throne Room. There is a 4-pixel window for the initial positioning for the Wolf's feet. Once you have your initial position correct, you will need to tap left twice in quick succession, and tap the jump button on the frame immediately following your second left tap. The timing between your two left taps may vary if you are on the outer edges of the proper positioning.

Sotn wolf method richter skip visual cues 2x.png

Once you execute the jump, you will be able to confirm that the glitch worked by looking at the top of the screen. If the camera can move freely up and down while you are in the room after the jump and you can see moving clouds at the top of the screen, then the glitch was successful.


Once you have confirmed that the camera is unlocked, all you need to do now is proceed to the Throne Room to trigger the skip and proceed on to the Inverted Castle.

Bat Method Richter Skip

Brief overview of steps: Reveal the hidden stairwell. Get into position. Jump into the room above. As you fall, transform into Bat just as you return to the room below.

TODO: Finish describing the Bat Method of Richter Skip

Breakless Richter Skip

There is a variant of the Wolf Method for Richter Skip called Breakless that is slightly faster if executed correctly. It involves not breaking the block and executing a different, more complicated jump from a different starting position.

All starting positions and their variations follow the same general principle, and one such position and one of its input timings is detailed below:


Breakless has a different starting position from the standard skip. There are actually several positions that can work, but each one has its own timing that works for it. For this specific position, with the wolf's foot planted directly on the last step, you will want to use the following timing diagram:


The timing diagram is read from left to right, and shows how many frames you will hold LEFT (in green) and JUMP (in yellow).

Due to the complexity of the inputs, it can actually be much easier to practice the skip in two parts. The first part involves clearing the doorway in a single bound while having the wolf shadow effect behind you. Performing the first part has the following timing diagram:


It involves holding LEFT for 3 frames, then letting go of LEFT for 2 frames, then holding LEFT again, followed 3 frames later by tapping JUMP. If performed correctly, you will clear the doorway in a single bound and the wolf will have a shadow effect coming off it, as shown below:


If you do not see a shadow effect, then you started holding JUMP exactly 1 frame after tapping LEFT, and should space those two inputs a little further apart. Once you are able to do this jump consistently, you can add in the second part, which is the air brake. This involves letting go of LEFT for a few frames (4 works for this setup), then repressing LEFT and holding it. All told, the entire skip will feel a bit like a triple tap of LEFT with a JUMP thrown in the middle of the second LEFT tap.


Although the timing diagrams above may give the impression that this method is frame perfect, there are actually numerous timing diagrams that work with this skip, and they all vary based on your starting position. Players wishing to learn this method are encouraged to learn the inputs by feel once they understand the basic concept.