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Infinite Wing Smash(IWS for short) is the fastest form of horizontal movement Alucard has in most categories.

  • Note: IWS is not possible in the JP 1.0 release as well as the NA Dracula X Chronicles version.


  • After wing smashing there is a 63 frame window to chain another one by doing the input again.
  • Damage instances are not merged, so you can stack multiple damage ticks on the wing smash hitbox.
  • Being in contact with the ceiling while wingsmashing upwards makes Alucard stick to the terrain, exceeding the natural maximum upwards angle of Wing Smash.
  • Connecting with an upwards slope on the floor sends the bat into a trajectory with the same vector immediately.
  • Riding terrain while wingsmashing upwards, even if the terrain is flat, will give you a sharp upwards vector after leaving the terrain.


You can start holding up or down before releasing jump to assure optimal trajectory.

Some Methods of performing IWS that can be more comfortable:

  • Doing full circles from up to up for upwards IWS chains.
  • Doing full circles from forward to forward for straight IWS chains.

Common Mistakes

  • Releasing jump too soon.
  • Starting to hold jump too late.
  • Starting from slightly back from straight up.
  • Ending slightly low from straight forward.

Video Tutorials

Turbo Tutorials: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Any% ( Bat Techniques in Real Time)