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Speed Values

Action Top Speed Horizontal Top Speed Vertical Notes
Alucard Walk 1.5
Wolf Walk 1.0
Wolf Jump 0.9375
Wolf Dash 3 3.5 + Horizontal Speed Instant going to the left. Going right starts at 2 and gains 0.0234375 per frame.
Skill of Wolf ~4.8 Starts at 5.0 and decelerates until landing.
Power of Wolf 9
Speeds are measured in ppf units (pixels per frame)


One of the biggest disadvantages of the Wolf form is how long it takes to transform into and out of it. It takes 75 frames for both, over a second. Using Mistwolf can reduce that by up to 20 frames. It can often be faster to untransform by getting damaged out of the form. Another way to negate that is to go from a wolf super dash directly into bat form.


The wolf dash is a powerful movement option. If utilized correctly and in the right places it can be faster than shield dashing despite having a lower average speed. Not having to stop and turn around to jump fight weak enemies like skeletons gives it a great advantage. The additional powerup relics have advantages and disadvantages, giving invincibility frames and much more speed, but at a greater mana cost and making maneuverability more difficult.

Turn around dash

It is possible to use turning around to dash. Tap back and wait for the wolf to turn around, then hold forward. Note: The possibility of this often causes unintentional dashes when players don't understand how it works. Note: An advantage of this technique is that it can initiate a dash consistently from the exact same X position.

Single tap dash techniques

After a forward jump
If we jump while holding forward we can release forward in the air at any point and we have a 10 frame window upon landing to press and hold forward to dash.
After neutral jump
After a transformation, neutral jump or high jump holding forward as we touch the ground is the same as the first forward tap for a dash. This means that in those situations we can just time one release and hold of forward as the wolf lands from a fall or jump. A long fall will prevent this because the wolf will be forced into a crouch state.
After stopping from a dash
After dashing and letting go of forward the player can re-dash by just pressing and holding forward. Pressing forward up to 6 frames after the wolf has come to a complete stop will initiate a dash. This has to be on the ground.

Auto dash

It is possible to use the mist-wolf technique to boost the wolf up to a ledge and automatically start a dash.

  1. Be right next to a small ledge and hold forward.
  2. Press Mist.
  3. After 6 or 7 frames press Wolf.

After the transformation the wolf should be up on the ledge and starting a dash. If the wolf was still on the lower level it means wolf was pressed too early, if the wolf is up but just walking it means it was pressed too late. Note: This technique allows consistent execution from the same position with the same speed. With the exception of subpixel alignment.


Releasing forward for 1+ frames then jumping will cause a neutral jump or a high jump if up is pressed.

During a dash jump letting go of forward will decelerate, but if forward is re-pressed before speed goes down below 1ppf the dash won't be stopped and the wolf will accelerate again upon landing.

Holding forward during a jump will halt deceleration.

Combining that we can do the following: Dash or super dash, release forward and jump or high jump, hold forward as soon as possible to stop deceleration. Doing that with a high jump can sometimes be referred to as a super jump.

Automatic turn around slope jump

During a dash if the wolf runs off a ledge we can start holding back in the air, this will not break the forward dash and the wolf will keep running forward once it lands. This can allow ups to perform a slope jump and turn around automatically. Note: This means we can't turn around in the air if we are still in the dash state. A way to prevent this in case we do want to turn around is not to hold forward as we touch the ground before falling. Note 2: This only applies to sheer ledges. If you run off of a slope due to high speed pressing back will stop you and turn you around.


The wolf gains invincibility and a hitbox when speed exceeds 3 ppf enabled through the Power of Wolf and Skill of Wolf relics.

Bark Attack quirks

  • Normal Alucard form attack startup = 3 frames (hitbox appears on 3rd frame)
  • Bark attack startup = 6 frames (hitbox appears on 6th frame)

Video Tutorials