SOTN Alucard Pacifist

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Introduction to SOTN Alucard Pacifist

The leaderboard for Pacifist runs is located at under the Category Extensions page.

TODO: Introduce the Pacifist run


To get past this room without killing Cerberus, you must execute a floor clip, followed by a Reverse Shift Line. Doing this requires that Alucard have a Shield equipped at the start of the room or have some other way of canceling a Dash. You must also have a thrust sword, such as a Claymore, and a Heart Refresh, in your inventory.

  1. Clip into the floor
    1. Enter the room and walk right until you very nearly walk off the ledge
    2. Immediately shield dash and then crouch to stop yourself just under the gate as it closes on you
  2. Sword thrust
    1. Equip Claymore
    2. Execute a sword thrust
  3. Reverse Shift Line
    1. Equip Heart Refresh
    2. Dive Kick while near the right edge of the screen just before the camera locks, holding RIGHT afterward
    3. Immediately use Heart Refresh (this might be frame perfect), continue holding RIGHT
    4. Transform into Wolf as you travel into the right edge of the screen (10 frame window)
    5. Untransform as you move RIGHT

If successful, you should appear in the next room over and skip the fight with Cerberus.