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Shield dashing is the fastest form of horizontal movement Alucard has in human form for most situations.

Warning! While having a higher frequency of alternating between shield and dash is faster, any stuttering loses a lot of time. It is beneficial to shield dash at a rate that results in smooth shield dashing.
Warning! Faster mashing doesn't save enough time to justify any repetitive strain injuries! Warm up and go at a comfortable pace.


  • Backdash starts out with a speed of 3.5 pixels per frame and decelerates to 0 over 27 frames.
  • Holding out a shield extends the current momentum for one frame, delaying deceleration.
  • Releasing shield ends the backdash instantly if it was pressed during the backdash.
  • Holding out a shield while dashing enables you to dash again immediately, ignoring the natural 14 frame cooldown of backdash.


In order to not stutter and lose time try to execute shield dashing in the following loop:

  • backdash
  • release shield
  • hold shield
  • backdash
  • repeat

Video Tutorials

Turbo Tutorials: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night ( Shielddashing Compilation)

Impromptu Shield Dash Tutorial by Dr4gonBlitz