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Relic Skip

Relic Skip is the last of the major glitches that you perform in the Any% category. The primary method for executing it involves using a Heart Refresh item to activate a Reverse Shift Line (RSL). The Heart Refresh can be earned from ending the Prologue at the start of the game with zero Hearts.

Heart Refresh Relic Skip


The steps for executing the Heart Refresh Relic Skip are as follows:

  1. Set your sub-pixel to the correct value
    1. While in bat form, move against the ledge briefly (this will set Alucard's sub-pixel to the correct value)
    2. Fly up enough that you can do a canceled Wing Smash and land roughly near the position you need to setup the glitch (take care not to move forward at all while flying upward and before attempting the Wing Smash, or you will ruin the setup and lesson the odds that the skip will work)
    3. Equip Heart Refresh
    4. Move into the correct position on the ledge and face to the left
  2. Execute a Reverse Shift Line
    1. Walk to the right immediately followed by activating the Heart Refresh (at this point you should be able to visually confirm whether or not your positioning was correct)
    2. While the Heart Refresh animation is playing, hold down the Dash button and don't let go until Alucard Dashes after the Heart Refresh animation finishes
    3. Walk briefly against the ledge just before the doorway to the Save Room
    4. Jump onto the ledge and walk to the left into the Save Room
  3. Travel along the ceiling
    1. As soon as the second Black Screen appears, hold down the Bat Transform button (if you don't see the flicker of a second Black Screen, return to the previous room and start the trick again)
    2. Let go of the Bat Transform button once you are repositioned into the ceiling of the room below the Save Room
    3. Perform six consecutive chained Wing Smashes while flying in the ceiling to the left
    4. As the sixth Wing Smash finishes and Alucard untransforms, hold Up and to the Left while mashing the Jump button (if at any point you are forced out of the ceiling, you will have to return to the room again and start all over)
    5. Keep mashing the Jump button until the flickering stops and you are forced into the other Save Room just outside of the lift that leads to Dracula's chambers

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