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Need to update the zip section in 4-4 with the new zip setup.

Maybe add 5-cyc drac also, just for reference:

Death strats should be added too. I have to relook into stage B anyway.

At 1:00 this boost is not needed or "save" but you could recover since you hold up to make sure to land on stairs otherwise. Being to far off will make you boost below the top platform so I don't recommend till you are very sure about this strat.


Main Area/Stage

  • Maybe include short descriptions of each so its more informative to whats in each section
  • GENERAL: look through this and see what addtions to add
  • Remove “Gold Splits” I wouldnt include this unless its nested somewhere else
  • Hacking can be deleted or moved/nested somewhere else
  • Community needs to be worked on and figured out
  • Video theory/TAS section could be nested under "General" instead, would be better to keep everything simple for the main area as possible
  • Other Categories is fine, just need someone to work on it......


Aside from going into depth for each stage and add missing strats/info it needs to be cleaned up.

Structure could follow the basics. Could also consider SHOW/HIDE method like how CV1 is done? Not sure about this yet.

  • BOSS



For stages that have multiple videos for strats like Wall Clip + Zip, we may need to consider just linking a playlist on Youtube with it? Or, only showcase a couple and then link the other ones (instead of embedded), it gets too cluttered, its also nice to just have a couple and then explain the main differences between them.

For instance Zip can maybe show original method, NiceGuy (Whip Only) and JC (NiceGuy Modified) method. They're pretty strong differences between them and have diff set-ups and uses. Whereas other methods are just tutorials that rehash and explain the same thing.

For newer zip we can obviously have this too, and we would need to explain the time differences as well so someone doesnt get confused.


1-2 Ring Wall Clip

1-2 Clip Tutorial (Joe)


  • 2 frame window (saves ~0.6sec)

1-2 Clip Tutorial (Hanage)

1-2 Clip Tutorial minimal input (bogaabogaa)

1-2 Clip Tutorial (bogaabogaa)

  • Note: Left screen movement as you connect and the right frame to let go will make it successful.

1-2 Ring Room Zip


  • 2 frame window. Much more difficult than wall clip, since you have to adjust during the swing to get the correct angle.

Strat compare and how much frames they save

Stair Skip (4 Frames)

1-2 Ring-Room Time Save

  • This showcases the time saved from successfully executing the Ring Glitch.

Early stair rab in the horse stables (7 and 2+ frames)


General Information

Tricks and Game Mechanics The basics you'll need to start learning the game with, technical information and visual cues are provided here to help.


Glitches and Softlocks

Community info




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