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Level Details
Game Castlevania
Level sections Stage 16, Stage 17
Level name 6
Previous level Level 5
Next level Dracula

[Show/Hide] Stage 16

Bat Bridge

  • For the Bat Bridge (stage 16) it is very important that you do not lose any frames at the start of the stage, this will ensure you get a consistent bat pattern so hold left before you gain control of Simon. Here's the pixels I am jumping from to get the pattern you see in the video above is:
  • Bat 1: jump and whip the first bat and then move under it (or you can just walk under it)

CV1 16 Bat1.png

  • Bat 2: jump into the platform close to it and take two steps then jump, the bat should fly underneath you

CV1 16 Bat2.png

  • Bat 3: on the approach to the third bat's platform jump and throw a holy water to get the stop watch which we'll use in the next stage, walk under the bat

CV1 16 Bat3.png

  • Bat 4: jump onto the platform close to the bat and after a step jump again the bat should fly underneath you

CV1 16 Bat4.png

  • Bat 5: jump and whip this bat (note: this bat is named Dave, Dave likes to be a troll sometimes)

CV1 16 Bat5.png

  • Also worth noting the feet of Simon do not have a hit box, so if your timing of the jumps results in any goofy fireball patterns keep that in mind and do not panic as some fireballs will go through the feet of Simon.

[Show/Hide] Stage 17

Clock Tower

NOTE: there is now an RTA viable Scroll Glitch in 17 - please see note in level 5 about this.

  • Upon entering keep holding left and jump down to the lower platform, the skeleton will throw a bone in the air and you want to line up just slightly right of the center of the platform above your head. Jump up and damage boost to the platform:

CV1 17 FirstBoost.png

  • Proceed up the stairs and hold right so that the lower skeleton throws a bone (or many depending on your luck) and jumps towards Simon. Once the skeleton starts his jump move to the left to set up for a damage boost jumping into him, there's a slower safe one:

CV1 17 SecondBoost Safe.png

  • And the more optimal one but you can miss the boost and die:
  • After either boost jump and whip in the same movement to get the top skeleton or the candle right above Simon.

CV1 17 TopPlatformJump.png

  • If you are using short whip you'll want to have this whip slightly later so that the whip upgrade falls, this allows you to keep short whip and not take the time loss of the upgrade but also since the whip will fall to the lower platform this means a big item is on the screen.

CV1 17 WhipUpgrade.png

  • The middle candle in this platform is a knife which you do not want so if the whip upgrade is on screen no other big item can be on screen so if you accidentally whip that candle it will be just a small heart. The last candle on this platform is a big heart which you do want but once you get to that point the whip upgrade should be off screen and the big heart should fall.
  • There are two different directions the birds with the hunchbacks can spawn, from the left and from the right. If you get the spawns from the left it is best to jump down to the gear of the clock tower below, activating your stop watch in mid-air to cancel out the clunk and freeze the enemies allowing you to either grab the meat hidden in the wall to the right or proceed down the stairs. Note - there is a strategy to deal with the left spawn birds without using the stop watch but a guide needs to be added later.

CV1 17 Meat.png

  • If you get right spawn birds you can read where they drop the fleaman, if dropped far enough to the right in the wall you can avoid using your stopwatch.


CV1 17 GoodFleaDrop.png


CV1 17 BadFleaDrop.png

  • Regardless you'll want to whip cancel the clunk and proceed down the stairs. In the next screen you can again get either left or right spawning birds but you should have saved at least 5 hearts for the watch activation. Jump and in mid-air activate the watch and cancel the clunk. Proceed up the stairs to the higher platform and then up those stair to the next screen.
  • Grab the big heart in the last candle before the screen to stage 18 and the stairs to Dracula.

Safe 17 Full Video:

Optimal 17 Full Video:

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