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Level Details
Game Castlevania
Level sections Stage 13, Stage 14, Stage 15
Level name 5
Previous level Level 4
Next level Level 6

[Show/Hide] Stage 13

Screen 13-1 Simple

  • Upon gaining control of Simon walk forward, jump and throw a water to land on the first flea man, continue forward and the second flea man should jump over Simon and jump into the holy water fire. Next you will have to react to first skeleton's action. He can might walk towards Simon and not attack, in which case you can jump and whip him - be aware this skeleton has a habit of dropping a sub weapon - luckily there is a backup holy water in the last candle on this lower level. The other pattern the skeleton may give you is to hang back and throw bones at Simon. You'll have to hesitate to dodge the bones and then jump and whip him.
  • Once you have the Skeleton taken care of you can use the flea man to boost up to the next platform - stand here for that boost:


  • The upper skeleton will have either jumped down onto the same platform as Simon and should be to your right, in which case you can jump to the next higher platform and proceed left. Otherwise if the skeleton is still to the left of Simon you will have to whip him.

Screen 13-1 BTP

  • For the Burn the Past Strat which manipulates the lower skeleton, start by walking forward and doing a falling whip to hit the first flea man and the candle. Then jump and whip the second flea man, this should result in the skeleton coming towards you and not most of the time not throwing any bones.

Fast Flea Man Boost

  • Instead of stopping (see above) and waiting for the flea man to come to Simon you can walk forward and get a faster boost like so:

CV1FastFleaManBoost1.png CV1FastFleaManBoost2.png

Screen 13-1 Shemmy Boost

  • This was a faster flea man boost and manipulation that was being done pre-scroll glitch.

13-2 Simple

  • Once you go up the stairs, jump onto the platform and whip the lower skeleton, then wait for the upper skeleton to throw a bone, jump in the air and boost to the upper platform off of the bone. Whip that skeleton but beware this skeleton is very prone to being the correct pixel for a subweapn drop. Walk to your right and go down the stairs. If needed there is a breakable block here for a multiplier:
  • Once you come down the stairs, jump off of the platform and immediately jump over the red skeleton that will reassemble itself from the ground. Walking right, walk under the two flea men who will hop over Simon if you continue to hold right, and then jump and throw a holy water here:
  • This will hit the next red skeleton but also the flea men will follow Simon and get hit by the flames. Continue to the right and then jump and throw another holy water here:
  • Walk under the flea man who will jump into the holy water flames then stop and whip here to get the meat. Continue to the door.

13-2 Different Bones

  • You can read and respond to the skeletons and do faster boosts than the simple method.

Fast Bone

TAS Bone

Backup Bone

[Show/Hide] Stage 14

Stage 14 - Standard

  • After walking through the door, walk to the right while watching the top axe knight - once he changes direction whip once that will trigger the hunchback to come towards you. You then boost off of the hunchback to the first platform. Turn, walk to the left and jump to the next platform. Simon will still be invincible - walk through the axe and the knight to proceed up the stairs.
  • Continue up the next set of stairs, turn to the left and jump over the red skeleton coming towards Simon. Continue left and jump over the next red skeleton and go down the next stairs.
  • When you reach the right edge of the pillar in the background jump and throw a holy water at the axe knight.

CV1 14 Water Throw.png

  • Jump immediately again and throw another water this should take care of the red skeleton. Before the platform for the next set of stairs grab the big heart in the candle and proceed up the stairs. At the top of the stairs jump and throw a water at the axe knight:

CV1 14 AxeKnight Water.png

  • Proceed down the stairs and head to the door to 15.

[Show/Hide] Stage 15

Stage 15 Standard

  • After the door closes start walking to the left, the bone pillar will fire two fireballs your direction. Once you just past the first candle you jump and throw a holy water (which will land on the bone pillar) and then jump again over the second fireball. Once past the pillar jump and throw a holy water at the base of the stairs to take care of the red skeleton.

CV1 Stage 15 Fireball Jump.png

  • Walk up the stairs until Simon's knee almost touches the bone pillar and throw a holy water while holding up. Simon should throw the water and pass through the pillar. Your other options are to take the damage (if you have the health) or to whip down the pillar.

CV1 Statue Skip.png

  • Walking to the right you'll encounter two red skeletons, whip or jump over them, if you need health there is meat in the walk after the stairs to the next screen.

CV1 Stage 15 Wallmeat.png

  • The hallway before death is one of the hardest in the game without holy water but with the water there is a pattern of moving to left and then jumping and throwing the water so it lands on the axe knights, stunning them in place, allowing Simon to walk through them and also killing them. The only thing to worry about then is the medusa heads and as long and you keep moving right you should be able to jump over them without any issue.

Stage 15 Lag Reduction

  • An alternate strategy to take of the fireballs from the first bone pillar is to jump them both:

Stage 15-2 Death's Hallway

  • As long as you keep moving left the knights and medusa heads should line up so you can jump and throw a water here:

CV1 15-2 First Axe Knight.png CV1 15-2 Second Axe Knight.png

[Show/Hide] Scroll Glitch

NOTE - ALL info about the Scroll Glitches is moved to Scroll Glitch

[Show/Hide] Death Fight

Death Fights

Easy Death Fight

  • Walk to the center of the death platform and immediately turn back around, you want to line up with Simon's front foot off of the edge of the platform. Whip once for a buffer then throw a water onto the raised platform on the right. Death comes down jump and whip him once he is stun locked in the holy water flames. Once Simon lands throw another water then jump up and whip Death again. Repeat this until you've defeated Death. 6 hearts is the minimum to do it this way but you can use more by throwing waters instead of whipping.

6 Water Death Fight

  • This is basically the same as above but the difference is you throw a water on the way down from the jump, this allows you to jump right back up to whip again. This is a good way to learn the rhythm for the machine gun cookie monster fight.

5 Water Death Fight

  • Same start as the 6 water kill but after you've thrown the 5 water jump up onto the Death platform and whip 3 times quickly. If your whip rhythm is correct you will kill death prior to him being able to hit you.

4 Water Death Fight

  • Same start but different pattern. Throw a water, jump and whip, throw a water on the way down, jump and whip, as you land jump-whip again, coming down throw a water, jump-whip, throw water then jump onto the platform and whip death 3 times.

Death Crit

  • You can crit Death but usually the current routing does not have enough health to make it possible. This is the turn left Burn The Past OKC set up:

This is the short whip right turn crit:

Death Cross Kill Backup

  • IF you die at death you'll start at the door for stage 15 - there is a cross subweapon located in the candle under the stairs going to the upper level. Get this cross and start throwing it at as many enemies as possible, we're trying to get a double and triple shot before death. Grab the meat before going to the final hallway to death. The hallway strategy is keep throwing crosses/whipping the knights while trying to stay on the same plane so that you can jump over the medusa heads. This hallway without the water will require practice!

CV1 Stage 15 Cross.png

CV1 Stage 15 Wallmeat.png

Whip Only Fight

[Show/Hide] 2snek Beginner/Race Video Guide