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Movement techniques

Major Glitches/Skips

Warning! Some techniques take advantage of glitches that are not allowed in all speedrun categories of SOTN. Refer to the page for a given category for more information on what is and is not allowed.

Several glitches have been discovered in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and they are organized here into Major Glitches, Minor Glitches, and Save Corruption to help in understanding which glitches are allowed for a given category of speedrunning the game. Certain glitches and sequence breaks are not allowed in the Glitchless category, but are allowed in the Any% NSC category. Save Corruption, which is an arbitrary code execution glitch, is only allowed in Alucard Any% ACE, and is given its own section below.

Minor Glitches

Minor glitches are permitted in all categories of the game, and are usually unintended mechanics or quirks of the game.

TODO: Describe Holy Water damage stacks

TODO: Describe MP Refill glitch

TODO: List out the other minor glitches

Save Corruption

Save corruption is put into its own category, as it is the only major glitch that is not allowed in any of the normal categories.

TODO: Describe the save corruption glitch