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Top splits of different speedrunners.

Commonly Played Categories

  • Any% - beat the game as fast as possible
  • Low% - no whip upgrades or subweapons
  • Hard Mode - 2nd Quest, enemies have more health and there a lot more of them

Timing Methods

There are different Timing methods around. They are listed from most to less recommended.

  • AutoSplit AutoSpilt Info
  • RTA Segmented. Real Time Attempt Segmented this is accurate but takes extra work. First Frame after transition where you can do gamepad inputs till the Frame you grab orb or leave the stage.
  • RTA Split. Here you need to explain how you split since every runner might do this different. A good split might go from Health refill after the Orb grab to the next one. Frame counting is also just possible with a good 60 fps Source Video.
  • IGT In Game Timer unreliable and not accurate. But you can still use it as a reference.

Gold splits

Runner Info Link
Jay_cee any%
Furious Paul aka Joana any%
TwoCat any%
TwoCat low%
Vruche any%

This pages could be used to show current WR Split and craft a top RTA theory Split (or I delete them)

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