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General Game/Speedrun information.

Version Differences

There are no gameplay differences between the U.S. version and it's Japanese counterpart (Akumajou Dracula). Only graphical differencs. For more info, go here - Regional Differences

Commonly Played Categories

  • Any% - beat the game as fast as possible
  • Low% - no whip upgrades or subweapons
  • Hard Mode - 2nd Quest, enemies have more health and there a lot more of them

Timing Methods

Timing starts on gaining control of Simon SDA Start Timing by Hanage and ends on touching the last orb after defeating Dracula.

  • -6.28 from START on title screen
  • -3.95 from name select to gaining control

Banned Platforms

If you'd like to run CV4 the following platforms are banned to run on:

  • ZSNES (all versions)x
  • SNES 9X (1.43 and below)

Notes: Wii VC/SNES Classic are legal platforms


Video Channels