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Level Details
Game Super Castlevania IV
Level sections 3-1, 3-2, 3-3
Level name Cave/Submerged City
Previous level Stage 2
Next level Stage 4

Top/Gold Splits by Streamer

Note: Try to order splits by time (in game timer is mot accurate but a start. Frame count would be the best)

  • TopTherorySplit?

PB Stage 3 Video (Timer 502) by jay_cee


PB Stage 3 Timer 499 Video by Furious Paul


  • This stage uses the Ring Glitch
  • Section 3-1 is known to be heavy on RNG due to the Mudmen patterns, you will have to adjust your strategies here depending on pattern and how much damage you've taken.
  • At 0:54 you can opt out of the fuzz ball strat by just waiting to damage boost into it.
  • At 2:12 you can opt out of the ring strat but is 17 frames slower Compare Video
  • Joe?
  • Twocat?

PB Stage 3 Time 490 by bogaabogaa


  • ...hdot12?

Strat compare and how much frames they save

note: try to order videos how they appear in the stage.

  • Ring snap (17Frames)

Final damage boost through SwordSkeleton

There is a possible bad pattern that will always kill you:

Here is a alternative for that pattern: