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Level Details
Game Super Castlevania IV
Level sections 4-1, 4-2, 4-3, 4-4
Level name Tower/Rotating Rooms
Previous level Stage 3
Next level Stage 5

Safe Route

Optimal Route

4-3 Visual Guides

Stage 4-3 Skeleton Jump 01.jpg Stage 4-3 Skeleton Jump 02.jpg

4-4 Zip (Original)

Preface: The zip is involves a 3 frame window that saves roughly 10 secs over the normal route. Many runners offer visual cues and frame window guides to performing the 4-4 zip. It it recommended to watch any of the videos below as they all offer something unique. Finding the best method is up to the individual runner involved.

4-4 Zip Tutorial (by JoeDamillio)

4-4 Zip Tutorial (by DbX)

4-4 Zip Tutorial (by stri)

4-4 Zip Tutorial (by dat1niceguy)

4-4 Zip Tutorial (by bogaabogaa)

4-4 Zip (Richter)

Preface: Richter zip (found by runner Richter_Shade) is a faster way to do the zip compared to the original method. You can save ~4s compared to the original zip method. There is a safe way to perform the Richter zip (which saves ~2s) and the more optimal way (~4s).

4-4 Richter Zip Tutorial (by Jay_Cee)

Boss: Koronot

Quick Orb

4-4 Boss Alternative (Joe)

4-4 Boss Alternative (DbX)

Technical Information

How Koronot inflate works by Mr.K

The new Zip with extra information about tilemap update and Simons x y