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Level Details
Game Super Castlevania IV
Level sections 4-1, 4-2, 4-3, 4-4
Level name Tower/Rotating Rooms
Previous level Stage 3
Next level Stage 5

Safe Route

Optimal Route

Mid-Boss: Puwexil

The below is a new strat founded by runner DCRippa that is anywhere from .25 to .5 faster than the current standard version of the strat used in the above videos. You can check out the tutorial on how to perform this below.

4-3 Visual Guides

Stage 4-3 Skeleton Jump 01.jpg Stage 4-3 Skeleton Jump 02.jpg

4-4 Zip (Original)

Preface: The zip is involves a 3 frame window that saves roughly 10 secs over the normal route. Many runners offer visual cues and frame window guides to performing the 4-4 zip. It it recommended to watch any of the videos below as they all offer something unique. Finding the best method is up to the individual runner involved.

4-4 Zip Tutorial (by JoeDamillio)

4-4 Zip Tutorial (by DbX)

4-4 Zip Tutorial (by stri)

4-4 Zip Tutorial (by dat1niceguy)

4-4 Zip Tutorial (by bogaabogaa)

4-4 Zip (Richter)

Preface: Richter zip (found by runner RichterShade) is a faster way to do the zip compared to the original method. You can save ~4s compared to the original zip method. There is a safe way to perform the Richter zip (which saves ~2s) and the more optimal way (~4s).

4-4 Richter Zip Tutorial (by Jay_Cee)

4-4 Richter Zip Tutorial (by crismas)


  • A little informal of a video but it should explain the basics on how to perform the trick.

Boss: Koronot

Quick Orb

4-4 Boss Alternative (Joe)

4-4 Boss Alternative (DbX)

Technical Information

How Koronot inflate works by Mr.K

The new Zip with extra information about tilemap update and Simons x y