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Welcome to the Castlevania Speedruns Wiki!

This is the place for all your CV Speedrunning needs!
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Currently there are 26 articles.


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Weekly Race Schedule

For more information on how to join a weekly race visit the Community section of the wiki! If you have a weekly time you'd like to have added here please feel free to do so!

Game + Category Time (PST) Time (EST) Time (GMT) Time (AEST)
CV4 Any% Sat 11am PST Sat 2pm EST Sat 6pm GMT Sun 4am AEST
CV1 Any% Sat 12pm PST Sat 3pm EST Sat 7pm GMT Sun 5am AEST

Game List


  • Stage information
  • Tricks
  • Tutorials
  • Leaderboards and more! (more content would be welcome!)

Castlevania II: Simon's Quest

No info yet!

Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse

I'm working on it.

- Love, levelengine

Super Castlevania IV

  • Stage information
  • Tricks
  • Tutorials
  • Leaderboards and more!

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