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(5 Cycle Dracula)
(Boss: Dracula)
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=== Optimal ===
=== Optimal ===
=== Insanely Optimal ===
=== 5 Cycle Dracula===
=== 5 Cycle Dracula===

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Level Details
Game Super Castlevania IV
Level sections B1, B2, B3, B4
Level name Dracula's Keep
Previous level Stage A
Next level None

Safe Route

  • Add beginning/B climb here

Optimal Route

  • Add beginning/B climb here

Other Optimal Strategies

Stage B-1: Optimal Bridge Strategies

Backup Strats

Obtaining cross and multipliers after dying


  • 10 hits will gain you the II multiplier

Boss: Slogra

When you dodge the dash you jump over the hitbox not away from it

Boss: Gaibon

Optimal Strat Visual Guide

Gaibon 01.jpg Gaibon 02.jpg

Gaibon 03.jpg Gaibon 04.jpg

Boss: Death


  • Hold the jump button to prevent Simon from moving while whipping diagonally
  • At 1:04 to 1:05 you can hear the transition from the dying noise to none, this is the cue to jump three times (2 in place and 1 forward)

Jay_Cee Death Strat

Boss: Dracula


Insanely Optimal

5 Cycle Dracula


  • 5 cycle is not that easy to pull off!! It requires knowledge of diagonal whip cancels and good spawns.
  • This method with the diagonal whip works well since it is easy to release one of the directions to cancel the whip.
  • To get a 5 cycle you are required to get 6 whips in for one cycle.