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Level Details
Game Castlevania: Dracula X
Next level Stage 2



  • Jumping is faster than walking
  • Damage boosts are taken whenever possible to shorten the results screen.
  • Remaining hearts carry over to the next stage. On top of that, they determine how many of a given subweapon can be on screen at the same time. Make sure not to miss too many heart candles!
  • You want to whip right before landing on stairs: this allows you to regain control more quickly.
  • At 0:29, perform a moonwalk (turn left while whipping in mid-air, then continue to hold Y while going right). This prevents any medusa heads from spawning from the right side.
  • At 0:47, whip cancel the landing. This gets rid of the landing animation that normally occurs while falling from great height. At the moment of landing, the later in the whip animation, the better.
  • Grab the cross.



  • At 0:16, do mid-air turnaround into a backflip. This is done by initiating a neutral jump, then tapping the direction opposite of where you want to backflip, then pressing B to backflip.
  • This is also done at 0:19 to quickly grab the stairs onto a higher step, which allows for a faster damage boost onto the upper stairs.
  • The rest is the same as the Safe route with a few additional, tighter jumps on the last screen.

Wrong step backup for optimal screen2 climb



  • Keep walking right when you trigger the boss to spawn. If you miss a hit on the first item crash, that means you pressed X too soon. If you get hit yourself, that means you pressed X too late.