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Versions differences

  • The Japanese version had a few graphical differences compared to the American version:
    • The current score isn't visible on the end-stage results screens (points are still being awarded though).
    • The cross sprite before collecting it is more similar to a Christian cross and is more akin to the sprite used in Rondo of Blood.
    • The tombstones used by the Stage 4' Boss during its second phase have a Christian cross (as opposed to a skull in the American Version)
    • When Richter gets hit, he flashes red (as opposed to white in the American version).
    • When Richter dies, he dissipates in a red particle effect (as opposed to in a white flash in the American version).
    • When Death dies, his scythe decapitates him on J.
  • Death's death animation is around 25 frames longer on J. This makes the American version faster for Best Ending, and is the only speed difference between J and US.
  • The Japanese version lacks the unskippable copyright screen on boot up, giving it a faster reset time.
  • The PAL version runs at 50Hz and is thus slower.


  • Time starts on first frame of control, and ends upon grabbing the final orb.
  • You can use a -7.00 offset from the title screen.


  • Dracula X categories are split by endings:
    • Any% gets the Bad Ending (Falls into stage 4', then goes to stage 5)
    • Good Ending saves Maria but not Annet (Goes to stage 4, then fights the minotaur and proceeds to stage 5)
    • Best Ending saves both Maria and Annet (Goes to stage 4, then takes the door and proceeds to stage 5')
    • Any% Whip Only forbids the use of subweapons and is restricted to the whip.