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Just_Defend's Tutorials

CV4 Beginner's Tutorial for Speedruns: Part 1


  • Goes over some basics
  • Covers stages 1 - 3

CV4 Beginner's Tutorial for Speedruns: Part 2


  • Goes through stages 4 - 7

CV4 Beginner's Tutorial for Speedruns: Part 3


  • Covers the final 4 stages
  • Details Boss Fights and backups in case you die

CV4 Tutorial Advanced Tips + Tricks


  • Intended for more experienced players
  • Goes over a few riskier boss strategies and time saving tricks

JoeDamillio's (Most) Bosses Tutorial


  • Reviews boss strategies from Stage 1 through Stage A.

WR Strats Tutorial by jay_cee


  • These series of videos are intended if you plan to go for a time in the 31 range.
  • Though these can also be very useful in determining better movement and help for advanced tricks + info regardless of skill level, it is good to refer to them when going over sections.
  • Timestamps to sections of the stages are located within the YT video.

*NOTE: if anyone is interested in reducing the length of these videos please let the CV4 community know in the discord!

Stages 1-3

Stages 4-7

Stages 8-9

Stages A-B