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Regional Differences/Gameplay

US is shorthand for American version, while JP is shorthand for Japanese

NOTE: Hit numbers on this page are based on hits with Trevor's Chain Whip/Morning Star!

  • Enemies in the JP version all do a set amount of damage. In the US version however, this is determined by stage.
    • In stages 1 to 3, the base damage is 2 (out of a maximum 16 points of health), then in stages 4 to 7, it climbs to 3, then in stages 8 to A, it rises to 4.
  • Bone Pillars take only 4 hits with a Chain Whip/Morning Star to kill in the JP version. In the US version, they'll take 6 hits with the same weapon.
    • They also shoot faster fireballs in the US version, and slightly more frequently than their JP counterparts.
  • Axe Armors are also stronger in the US version, taking 8 hits to kill versus 6 in the JP version. Also in the US version, their shields prevent crosses from passing through them to let them hit twice.
  • Bone Dragons in the JP version take 9 hits to kill and a hit anywhere on their body will count for damage. In US however, they take 11 hits and you must hit their head to do damage.
    • This change for hitting the head also applies to the Bone Dragon King boss.
  • Grant's main attack in the JP version is the throwing dagger, much like the one you can pick up as a drop in the US version. Even though it has a slower repeat rate, its long reach makes it better in most cases, although Japanese Grant runs are slower because of this. In the US version, he instead stabs enemies with his dagger which has a very short reach, and the thrown dagger is added back to his drop table which acts like his attack in Akumajou Densetsu.
  • Sypha's lightning spell in the JP version is slightly more accurate at homing in on enemies, and also does more damage than in the US version, because multiple lightning orbs can stack damage in the JP version. This makes Sypha JP runs faster than US ones on average.
  • In the pendulum room just before the staircase that leads to Dracula, bats were added to the US version (the Japanese version didn't have any).
  • The same is true for areas 6-04 and 6-05 (in the Sunken City).