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Castlevania III - Dracula's Curse (USA)

Address Leangth Type Description
$001a 1 byte RNG Random line. This is incremented by 1 every step. It's used for randomization purposes and results in a linear pattern whereby a function X will return the same result X[n] steps later and X[n+1] will always be the same when n is a linear function. Of course, making n a non-linear function will yield results closer to what one would consider "random".
$0018 1 byte State mode (07=debug)
$001f 2 byte RNG Random bump. While $001B is used most for random actions, this will vary things up a bit. This gets incremented and then $001B is added to it. This is done repeatedly between iterations. Basically, in GM terms, thisi is run between the last Draw event and the first Begin Step event.
$0032 1 byte State Stage
$0033 1 byte State Block
$0034 1 byte State SubRom
$0034 1 byte Ctr Lives
$0036 3 byte Ctr Points will start with low byte. ($0036 0000xx. $0037 00xx00. $0038 xx0000)
$0039 1 byte Indicator Player Always 00 (But could be someone else in theory)
$003a 1 byte Indicator Partner (ff=empty 00=Trevor 01=Sypha 02=Grant 03=Alucard)
$003b 1 byte Flag Character Index?? SubweaponObj??
$003c 1 byte Ctr Health Player
$003d 1 byte Ctr Health Boss
$003e 1 byte  ??  ??
$003f 4 byte Bank CHR Bank ??
$0044 2 byte Bank CHR Bank ??
$004b 4 byte Bank CHR Bank (switchable without crashing)??
$003f 4 byte Bank CHR Bank ??

for a simple way to write it down


$0018 mode (07=debug)

$002b paused if 01

$0032 stage A (Level) $0033 stage B (Section) $0034 Stage C (Screen) $0035 lives $0036 points 0000xx $0037 points 00xx00 $0038 points xx0000 $0039 character 1 (ff=empty 00=Trevor 01=Sypha 02=Grant 03=Alucard) $003a character 2 (ff=empty 00=Trevor 01=Sypha 02=Grant 03=Alucard) $003b character index (00 or 01) $003c life $003d enemy life

$007e time 00xx $007f time xx00

$006b debug cursor value

$0084 hearts $0085 sp weapon (Trevor) $0086 sp weapon (Helper) $0087 Double/Triple value (Trevor) $0088 Double/Triple value (helper) $0089 02=refreshes screen somehow? used in paralax i think

$008e whip power up level (Trevor) $008f whip power up level (Helper)

$00bf setting to 0x80 freezes stuff (preparation for death I think)

$07f6 01=expert mode

$07f8 - $07ff Player name

Castlevania III RAM and ROM offsets (mostly Akumajou Densetsu (J))

Debugger File Bookmarks

work in progress


Table Files for editing text in game