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Character Lists

 Full Name: Trevor C. Belmont
 Main Weapon: Vampire Killer Whip
 Weapon Power-Up: Chain Whip & Morning Star Whip
 Sub-Weapon Power-Up: Double and Triple Shots

Jumping will slow you down. By how many frames?

 Full Name: Grant Danasty
 Main Weapon: Short Dagger (throwing dagger in Japanese version)
 Special Abilities: Can climb on walls and ceilings

Limitations: Grant is by far the fastest and the most agile of the four. While Grant's vertical jumping ability is second to none, his horizontal range suffers slightly from his high jumping; also, Grant is in for some trouble when jumping within narrow passages because he's apt to hit the ceilings--sometimes spiked--and fall short of a target. Stairways are not much of a problem in this sense because his speed and small size make it easy for him to work around and avoid Medusa heads, bone pillar fire and such. Though, endurance is definitely not his forte: He takes a lot of damage for hits, his ground-based range is short, and his attack power is weak. Grant's special ability is his greatest asset: He can climb on walls and ceilings, to squeeze through tight spaces, to skip over whole obstacles, and to gain an advantage on some bosses. How? Well, Grant can only use three of the sub-weapons, but he's able to use them while climbing; this allows him to chuck the sharp objects forward while on walls or directly downward while on ceilings.

 Full Name: Sypha Belnades
 Main Weapon: Warakiya Staff
 Sub-Weapon: Fire, Ice and Lightning Balls

Limitations: Sypha is similar to Trevor in both the way she treads and jumps. Sypha, though, as you'll discover when battling enemies, is the weakest of the bunch, and she takes the most damage for enemy contact. While her staff can be swung at a quick speed, but it, too, is weak, which dictates that Sypha must score multiple blows, speedily, if she hopes to clear away enemies. If you're going to take Sypha as your ally, it should be for one reason: Her powerful spells. That is, instead of the typical sub-weapons, Sypha can collect spell books that allow her to execute three magical attacks, each of which is masterful in its own way, almost unfair for minor enemies and bosses alike. With this kind of power, Sypha can tag along for the sole purpose spell usage against the more and more powerful bosses. In this sense, Sypha may very well be the most useful ally in what is a very difficult game; the other two have their strengths but are simply over their heads when up against the strongest bosses.

 Full Name: Alucard (real name: Adrian Farenheights Tepes)
 Main Weapon: Ball of Destruction
 Weapon Power-Up: Two- & Three-Way Balls of Destruction
 Special Abilities: Can turn into a bat, it powered by hearts

Limitations: Alucard, too, is average when it comes to speed and jumping. In fact, none of Alucard's physical abilities are all that impressive. Alucard, because of his height, is a large target, and that size works against him when encountering jumps within narrow passages; climbing stairways that rest near spiked platforms, too, will always be a problem. Alucard attacks with the very weak ball of destruction, but the attack can be powered up thrice for a three-directional assault, which itself is still fairly weak because all three fireballs must hit for there to be any real effect; additionally, he cannot use this attack while climbing stairs. The attack is useful on strictly airborne bosses, but there aren't too many of those. "Then why even bother taking him along, then?" you ask. Simple, really: His ability to turn into a bat. Though by transforming into a bat you drain hearts quickly, the power allows Alucard to skip over perhaps whole areas (some of the more annoying ones at that) and avoid enemy clusters even where Grant cannot.

Other Characters

Lesser Enemies: Skeleton, Zombie, Vampire Bat, Fishman, Knight, Medusa Head, Hunchback, Skeledragon, Blood Skeleton, Ghost, Harpy Raven, Pillar of Bones, Axe Knight, Winged Guard, Slime, Spider, Ghostly Eyeball, Fireman, Mud Man, Mummy Man, Skullhead, Whip-Toting Skeleton, Balloon Pod, Whip-Toting Blood Skeleton, Bone Scimitar, Mad Frog, Owl, Dhuron, Ball of Destruction, Armed Knight and Robed Zombie Japanese-Exclusive Lesser Enemies: Gremlin Bosses: Skull Knight, Nasty Grant, Cyclops, Medusa, Mummies, Cyclops, Phantom Bat, Alucard, Frankenstein, Water Dragons, Skull Knight King, Bone Dragon King, Leviathan, The Grim Reaper and Doppelganger Dracula Forms: Dracula, Dracula's Ghost I and Dracula's Ghost II Supporting Cast: The Poltergeist King

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