Cv3/Stage 4A Grant US

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General Advice

Get ready to be frustrated, as this level has a lot of hard tricks that can ruin runs; the main three are the ceiling climb in 4-0B, the corner clip that comes right after, and the jump to the tilting ledge in 4-0D. The first one is RNG based and a glitch can occur which makes Grant fall off the ceiling instead of climb up, but the last two are 100% execution.
You'll want to grab about 20 hearts by the time you reach Medusa, should pick up the big heart in the second room of 4-0E (near two birds), a few small ones along your path, and shouldn't need any more for the other bosses.



This is the toughest jump in this route and it is one of the biggest run killers. You need to be within a certain 3 to 4 pixel range to clear it.

4-0E Boss Fight

  • You generally want to have full health entering this boss fight to have more room to improvise during the Cyclops fight.
  • Stand on the block to the left of the second coffin and start throwing axes as the ghost enters the left coffin. After throwing 6 of them, step forward a bit and continue throwing. You should be able to deflect one of the bandages with your axe throws.
In case you got hit once, you'll have to be a little more careful for the Cyclops fight.