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General Advice

Mad Forest is fairly easy, though you do have to pay attention to heart count since you use a watch through the first half of the stage. Avoid getting the axe in 3-01 since the watch is more ideal as you get a lot of big heart drops in the section with the owls. Take the axe in 3-03, then you could either:

  • Break open enough objects/kill enough enemies to get it to a double shot
  • Get the dagger from one of the torches in 3-04, then use the dagger trick on the cyclops


3-04, Cyclops Right Hand Side Kill

IMPORTANT: You need full health for this strategy to work!!
You can heal 8 points of health before the fight starts by getting the meat in a block on the left side of the arena before starting the fight.

3-04, Cyclops Dagger Trick

Video required!~

This requires very good timing. If you throw the dagger above the cyclops's hammer as the lightning strikes, the lightning bolt hits the cyclops and inflicts 4 points of damage to him, making him much easier to tank and get a quick kill just by stabbing him to death.