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This will be the first stage that you will play upon starting the game from the name screen. The game will begin with a skippable cutscene of Trevor Belmont praying before starting his quest to defeat Dracula. For all character routes, Stage 1 will play roughly the same in every speedrun attempt. The goal is to pick up the Holy Water subweapon in Block 1-02 and hit enough candle and enemy hitboxes to build up a subweapon multiplier (10 hits). Ideally you want to get to the boss fight at the end of the stage with a triple multiplier. The end of the stage (Block 1-04) will feature a boss fight against a Skeleton Knight, who the community affectionately refers to as Richard, but with a triple shot holy water is a joke fight.

An optimal Stage 1 segment will be 2:21-2:23 on orb timing or 2:34-2:36 on fade to black after countdown timing.

Level Tutorial

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