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The Shop Glitch gives Alucard access to effectively infinite money. Allowing us to buy the Duplicator and other useful items.


  • When we activate the Librarian's shop menu the game sets a flag that doesn't allow us to enter our menu.
  • For some reason Familiar speeches also trigger that flag.
  • Overlapping a speech over the start of the shop flag results in it being turned off.
  • When we are at the shop screen to sell gems and have a quantity of one for a type of gem, after disabling the menu lock we can enter our menu and equip said gem. Selling the one gem that is still shown in the shop causes the game to subtract 1 from 0, which causes an underflow in the unsigned byte, resulting in us having 255 of that gem in our inventory.

Fairy Card Shop Glitch

The developers did think of preventing this situation by disabling the fairy speech by activating inside the Librarian's room. Fortunately for us when we first visit him both the cutscene and the trigger occur immediately upon entering the room, so we can activate the fairy speech just outside the room, the enter when she starts speaking.

  • Alucard has to stand still from before activating the fairy relic until she starts speaking.
  • For incrementing garnets mashing right is faster than holding right, but any mishaps of going up/down or stuttering can cause it to lose time.

Sword Card Shop Glitch

The sound clip of the sword brothers spell is not prevented from occurring inside the shop room, so we can do it even after our first visit.


Brazilian glitch hunter jackobones discovered Fairy Card for shop glitch in 2013.

Video Tutorials

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