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4-4 Zip Tutorial

Death Fight

After Death spawns and initially goes left you can force his RNG for one attack by walking into the right wall. This forces Death to use his scythe tractor beam attack rather than the quick swoop.

Dracula Fight

Dracula's Attack depends on certain values of the ENEMY HP bar in the top left:

  • 16-13 HP Dracula fires a Straight Fireball that splits on hit
  • 12 HP Dracula will send out an orb containing meat
  • 11 - 7 HP Firebat/Columns
  • 6 HP Dracula will send out an orb containing meat
  • 5 HP and below (known as more commonly as 2nd form) Lightning Attack

In low% since it is easier to control Dracula's health it is better to take multiple meats in some situations rather than being forced to use pause buffer strats during Dracula's second form.

Note: in 1st form, Dracula's attack choice is determined when he opens his cape, not when he teleports.