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Level Details
Game Super Castlevania IV
Level sections A-1, A-2
Level name Clock Tower
Previous level Stage 9
Next level Stage B

Safe Route

Optimal Route

Note: Here I got one cycle mummy. I do have a bad Slogra and Dracula fight later to compensate if you have a bad spawn.


Bad Gear Push Explained

Note: For the trick, hold left for a couple of frames as Simon lands after the medusa boost. On the gear or below the spikes both works.

Climb A early first ring grab

  • A Rushed explanation what you need to know for a early first Ring grab in the second climb A

Stage A-1-3: Setup for 1st Ring Glitch (Ver. 1)

Stage A-1-3: Setup for 2nd Ring Glitch (Ver. 1)

Stage A-1-3: Setup for 2nd Ring Glitch (Ver. 2)

Strat Compare Time Saves

First climb Stage A despawn Gear Nobs

Note: This reduces lag and saves almost a second.

Boss: Akmodan II (Mummy)


  • The biggest time loss/save comes from the Mummy whose spawns are random. The best outcome is a 1 cycle in which he would spawn from either the far left or far right of the screen.
  • Each full cycle costs 1400 frames (~23.3 sec)
  • Half a cycle or if you are one hit off is still a 700 (~11.6 sec) frame time loss. So it is worth to practice nailing the 1 cycle or any subsequent cycles to lessen the time loss.

1 Cycle Mummy Strats

Left Side

Right Side


  • For both of these videos, these are best scenarios. Mummy can give fireballs as an attack instead of bandage and positioning will have to change.

Early Orb

Stage A Early Orb Setup.jpg