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General Advice

Stage 6 isn't very hard to as Alucard as you could fly past most hazards. However, this stage is very prone to RNG and you could easily end up with a segment time of +5/-5 seconds, or anywhere in between. The most challenging obstacles include the axe armor damage boost and manoeuvring around the bone pillar in the room where you fight the end boss. Worst case scenario, you can defer to Trevor if you're really low on health for the boss fight (though you'll lose time by doing so).

Full level playthrough

put video here, for both safe/easy and world record strategies

  • This assumes you get a high axe from the axe armor in 6-02. Having to fly around the ledge instead of clipping through it costs you ~3-4 seconds, if not more.
  • The second form of Death can be killed slightly faster than this.

japanese strats, makes stage riskier overall


6-02 Axe Armor

  • put clips here*

The axe armor does one of two things (not sure how to get him to do one specific thing every time either); he throws his axe high or low. The high axe is easier to react to as you can land on the two blocks below the platform with the axe armor and just jump into the axe and easily use Alucard's bat form to clip through the ceiling. When doing this, hold up then right to navigate through the ceiling (don't use jump as you could get stuck!)

The low axe is the worst case and the backup strategy was only recently discovered by CLChambers00. If this does happen, fly up above the axe and try to get Alucard's top row of pixels in bat form to touch the ceiling. Then fly right and turn back to human form and try not to fly down when doing this! If you time your second transform just right, Alucard's head will be lined up with the top of the block and you can clip though by holding up. If he's any lower though, the clip will fail. Since this strategy is very hard to do, you can opt to fly around the ledge and axe armor and lose about 3 to 4 seconds of time.

6-02 Room just before boss



World Record Chaser:

6-02 Boss Fight

  • Kill Frankenstein's Monster.