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The annual castlevania speedruns marathon

Weekly Races

To join, go to #speedrunslive on IRC and type .races to find the race channel. If you need further information on how to join the IRC for racing please check out

Races mostly take place these days on please check the discord for more information.

CV4 Any% Weekly

This takes place every Saturday at 1pm PST, 4pm EST.

CV1 Any% Weekly

This takes place every Thursday at 3pm PST, 6pm EST.

Contact Us

If you want to come chill with the CV Runners or have any questions on anything CV related, come check us out!

Twitch Channel

Community events and more will be streamed here!

Discord Server

Discord: here!

Mumble Server

If you're looking for an alternative way to voice chat you're free to use the mumble channel!

Port: default

How to join the mumble server

  1. Install Mumble
  2. Open the Mumble Client Software
  3. Click "Server" -> "Connect" on the menu bar to open the "Mumble Server Connect" dialog window as shown in the next step.

Mumble 1.png

  1. Add the Server to your Favorites
    1. Enter a Label for the server such as "CV Speedruns".
    2. Enter "" into the server address.
    3. Leave the port as the default one.
    4. Put in the username you are known as.
    5. Click "OK".


  1. Connect to your server
    • Click on your newly created favorite and click "Connect".



Super Castlevania IV Any% Tournament 2016

Top 8 Results

  1. Vruche
  2. JoeDamillio
  3. FuriousPaul
  4. Dragonmaster0283
  5. TheMexicanRunner
  6. kmac
  7. DrunkenDraconian
  8. Twocat

Super Castlevania IV Any% Tournament 2017

Top 8 Results

  1. Twocat
  2. FuriousPaul
  3. Vruche
  4. JoeDamillio
  5. Dragonmaster0283
  6. TheMexicanRunner
  7. DrunkenDraconian
  8. Crismas

Castlevania (NES) Any% Tournament 2017

Top 4 Results

  1. Truefalse
  2. FuriousPaul
  3. Bednak
  4. Janthe

Super Castlevania IV Any% Tournament 2021

Top 8 Results

  1. Vruche
  2. jay_cee
  3. KenshinTrek
  4. dat1niceguy
  5. just_defend
  6. TheLastBelmont
  7. TheRussianRuiner
  8. Tinnue

Marathon Runs

Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse

Super Castlevania IV

Rondo of Blood

Other CV's