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Maria Renard
platforms Sega Saturn
categories Any%
All Bosses

Maria plays in a similar way to richter. All of her moves are unlocked at the start and the routes are similar. Unlike Richter she is much more resilient and can take a few hits without issues, allowing her to utilize damage boosts and some more room for mistakes. Console and emulator runs are separated into different categories due to a severe difference in performance.

Character Information

  • HP: 200
  • MP: 200
  • MP regenerates at a rate of 1 MP per 16 frames.
  • HP gained per HP max up: 10

Special Moves

Move Input MP cost Damage Total frames Invincible frames Notes
Front Kick F.pngF.png(hold)Satc.png 0 45 60 0 Hold back to end the move sooner. Can also initiate run and move with SotnArrowL.png then SotnArrowR.png
Uppercut D.pngU.pngSatb.png 4 80 46 0 Can adjust the forward momentum of diagonal uppercuts by holding forward.
Slide D.png(hold)Satb.png 0 20 39 0 Can be chained after 27 frames.
Byakko U.pngQcf.pngSata.png 100 40
Guardian Knuckle Qcf.pngSata.png 40 50
Seiryuu B.pngHcb.pngF.pngSata.png 120 25
Four Beasts 360u.pngCu.pngD.pngSata.png 150 Charge up for 42+ frames. Doubles the damage of Front Kick, Uppercut and Slide.
Suzaku Cu.pngHcd.pngSata.png 60
Genbu Hcuf.pngSata.png 80


Move Input Notes
Diving Uppercut Df.pngSatb.pngUf.pngSatb.png Must be in the air and have executed all remaining jumps.
  • Kicking after divekick extends the horizontal momentum.



Video Tutorials

Speed Values

horizontal speed values
walking / jumping 1.5
running 2.75
slide optimal AVG 4.5
slide TOP 6.5
front kick AVG 4.2
front kick TOP 6.5
dive kick AVG 5.0
dive kick TOP 5.5
uppercut diagonal 4.8