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Castlevania Speedrunning β

SOTN Maria

Maria Renard
platforms Sega Saturn
categories Any%
All Bosses

Maria plays in a similar way to richter. All of her moves are unlocked at the start and the routes are similar. Unlike Richter she is much more resilient and can take a few hits without issues, allowing her to utilize damage boosts and some more room for mistakes. Console and emulator runs are separated into different categories due to a severe difference in performance.


Character Information

  • HP: ~200
  • MP: ~60
  • MP regenerates at a rate of around 1 MP per 48 frames.
  • HP gained per HP max up: 10

Special Moves

Move Input MP cost Damage Total frames Invincible frames Notes
Front Kick SotnArrowR.pngSotnArrowR.png(hold) + KICK 1 45 60 0 Hold back to end the move sooner. Can also initiate run and move with SotnArrowL.png then SotnArrowR.png
Uppercut SotnArrowD.pngSotnArrowU.png + JMP 2 80 46 0 Can adjust the forward momentum of diagonal uppercuts by holding forward.
Slide SotnArrowD.png(hold) + JMP 1 20 39 0 Can be chained after 27 frames.
Byakko SotnArrowU.pngSotnArrowD.pngSotnArrow3.pngSotnArrowR.png+ SHOT 30 40
Guardian Knuckle SotnArrowD.pngSotnArrow3.pngSotnArrowR.png+ SHOT 12 50
Seiryuu SotnArrowL.pngSotnArrowR.pngSotnArrow3.pngSotnArrowD.pngSotnArrow1.pngSotnArrowL.pngSotnArrowR.png+ ATK 35 25
Four Beasts SotnArrowU.pngSotnArrow9.pngSotnArrowR.pngSotnArrow3.pngSotnArrowD.pngSotnArrow1.pngSotnArrowL.pngSotnArrow7.pngSotnArrowU.png(Charge)+ SotnArrowD.png + ATK 43 Doubles the damage of Front Kick, Uppercut and Slide.


Move Input Notes
Diving Uppercut SotnArrowD.png + JMP + SotnArrowU.png + JMP Must be in the air and have executed all remaining jumps.
  • Kicking after divekick extends the horizontal momentum.



Video Tutorials

Speed Values

horizontal speed values
walking / jumping 1.5
running 2.75
slide optimal AVG 4.5
slide TOP 6.5
front kick AVG 4.2
front kick TOP 6.5
dive kick AVG 5.0
dive kick TOP 5.5
uppercut diagonal 4.8