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SOTN/Revenge Tech


Revenge Tech

The method for achieving Revenge Tech varies from enemy to enemy, but a Revenge Tech is achieved whenever Alucard is able to manipulate the game into having an enemy die while not granting Alucard any Experience for doing so or increasing his Kill count. This technique is the cornerstone of the Pacifist category

Slogra and Gaibon

Begin by dashing in close to Slogra, waiting just long enough for Slogra to begin his spear attack. Immediately dash away 3 times as Gaibon swoops in closer to you and the ground. Punch Gaibon a few times, then move to the right as Gaibon flies up and away from you, lining yourself so that you are close enough to punch Gaibon as he lands on the ground. Slogra should be behind Gaibon at this point. Keep punching Gaibon until you hear him enter his second phase. Pull out your shield to block Gaibon's diagonal fireballs, then perform a Hellfire while holding RIGHT so that you travel far enough to line up with both Slogra and, as he lands, Gaibon. Hold UP at this point to upgrade your Hellfire attack into the flaming orbs. If performed correctly, Slogra and Gaibon should both die without granting Alucard any XP.

If only one of the Bosses dies, it is still possible to successfully perform Revenge Tech on the remaining boss by itself (as seen in Desquall's 1:14:44) by repeating the upgraded, teleporting Hellfire and overlapping your hitbox with theirs.


Performing a Revenge Tech on Doppelganger10 is very easy and can, in fact, be done purely by accident during a normal run. It involves simply running into Doppelganger and taking damage while he is frozen by the Stopwatch, then killing him while the Stopwatch still has him frozen. If performed correctly, Doppelganger10 will die without granting Alucard any XP.

Holy Water Revenge Tech

Venus Weed

Once you enter the room from the right side, walk up to the Venus Weed as it begins its initial bloom animation. Once you see the white flower bud appear at the top, throw 3 Holy Waters on the ground at approximately where its root is. Then, quickly activate an Antivenom to give yourself invincibility frames and walk to the left until Alucard's sprite overlaps the middle portion of the Venus Weed and throw a Flame star. The damage from the Holy Waters and the Flame star should be enough to deplete the Venus Weed's health. If performed correctly, the Venus Weed will die without granting Alucard any XP.


Although the current Pacifist World Record skips Kurasuman using a Reverse Shift Line instead, it is possible to use the same method as Venus Weed Revenge Tech described above on Kurasuman when he has landed on the ground.