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Castlevania Speedrunning β


Level Details
Game Super Castlevania IV
Level sections 8-1, 8-2
Level name Catacombs
Previous level Stage 7
Next level Stage 9


Safe Route


  • This route showcases a safe way to get through the first screen in 8-1 and avoids any extra damage boosts. It is intended for those who want to achieve sub 40 minutes.
  • At 0:33 you need to jump early from the middle of the bone pillar to the next platform, your iframes are much shorter from the blood/goo.
  • At 0:47 is important to note that you will spawn an extra bone dragon if you whip any candles or kill the eyeball after the crushers.
  • At 1:11 if your health is good you may not need to grab the wall meat, it is optional.
  • At 1:14 the safe way to do this room loses ~18f over the optimal way (below).

Optimal Route

Important Stage Notes

  • It is important to note that the stage will start with the first crusher in different positions. Top route will be determined if the crusher is at the bottom and allows you to jump immediately on to it. And bottom route will be determined if you have to wait for the crusher to jump on.
  • Vegas Bridge refers to the bridge at the end of the stage, its patterns are random and most top runs will 'gamble' by take a boost off the broke stairs which if done correctly is roughly 50/50 in survival rates. Hence why it is called Vegas bridge.

Bottom Route


  • Will need to add a single optimal video for this.

Alternative Bottom Route


  • This is the Hanage route and showcases another way to do bottom route [time difference unsure]

Top Route


  • I did not go for vegas since it is not save to do. A death there will cost you the sub 32 run.

8-1 Eyeball Boost Visual Cue



  • The visual cue above is intended for whipping the eyeball downward.
  • Whipping down is a much tighter frame window to make it through the subsequent crusher. You can opt to do a limp whip but the visual cue may be different.

Visual Cue Option 2

8-1 Eyeboost.jpg


  • Jump when Simon's sprite is centered with the circle design on the platform (marked in purple). There are many different ways to do this damage boost.

8-1 Easier 1f Jump Set-Up

8-2 Stair Boost


  • Press B then Y at the same time while holding right + down.
  • It saves around 25-30 frames (~.4 to ~.5 sec) for the cost of 2 HP.
  • It can also be used to get past the crushers early without doing the stair jump (it is about as fast but costs HP).

8-2 Stairs Leap Time Comparisons


  • 4 Options for clearing the 8-2 stairs leap/boost section of the room, each compared.

Boss: The Monster

Early Orb

Stage 8 Early Orb Jump Pixel.jpg


  • This is an image of the left-most pixel Simon can stand on this platform. This is required for the early orb grab (which is a 50/50 chance due to collision detection only detecting every other frame).