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Graphic Assets and Formats

  • 2bbp
  • 4bbp
  • 8bpp (Mode7)
  • 15 bpp 555 BGR (Palettes)

All this Formats can be edited easy with Tilemolester and Bogaa's resource file

Sprite Assembly Format and Tutorials

Format Example Skeleton

ROM Address Frame 1 Frame2 20af4 04 fd 09 06 28 ed 09 04 28 f8 f9 02 28 f5 e9 00 28 03 f8 09 0c 28 f7 f9 0a 28 f5 e9 08 28 ss aa bb cc dd aa bb cc dd aa bb cc dd aa bb cc dd ss aa bb cc dd aa bb cc dd aa bb cc dd

ss=Size Number of 2x2 queuers to use. 00 Is not a number and will overload.

aa=Offset (01 move one pixel right 80 will wrap) bb=Offset (01 move one pixel down 80 will wrap) cc=Tile Pick Tile Square 2x2 .. dd=Orientation and Palettes First byte: 2=Normal 6-7=Mirror A-B=Flip E-F=MirrorFlip BadNumbers=0 1 3 4 8 c d

Second byte 0=Pal 0 2=Pal 1 4=Pal 2 6=Pal 3 8=Pal 4 a=Pal 5 c=Pal 6 e=Pal 7



20c6d Walking 1

20c7e Walking 2

20c43 Jumping/Swimming 1 20c58 Swimming 2

20ca4 SpittingLand

21048 SpitHead 2104d SpitLine 21052 SpitDecoy 21057 SpitDecoy2

20c8f SpitWhileSwimming

21034 SpitHeadDiagonal 21039 SpitLineDiagonal 2103e SpitLineDiagonaDecoy 21043 SpitLineDiagonaDecoy2

20cb5 Death Splash 01f8f8262604 21189 Water Splash

MudMan: 20d89 Larg Frame 1

20db7 Middle Frame 1 0517032e2607032c2607032a26f7032826f7f3262604 20dcc Middle Frame 2 04f6f326261803462608034426f9034226

Animation: b2ab b78d2000cc8d2000ffff

218d2 HitAssembly 218f8 SmallCrumbles

Coffin Death: 020a37 01f8f8682401f8f86a24 Walking 1:020b66 08010d0e24f10d0c2401fd0a24f1fd082401ed0624f1ed042401dd0224f1dd0024 Walking 2:020b87 08010d2e24f10d2c2401fd2a24f1fd282401ed2624f1ed242401dd2224f1dd2024 Walking 3:020ba8 08010d4e24f10d4c2401fd4a24f1fd482401ed4624f1ed442401dd4224f1dd4024 Walking 4:020bc9 08010d6624f10d4c2401fd6424f1fd482401ed6224f1ed442401dd6024f1dd4024

Whip Skeleton Walking 1: 2119d Walking 2: 211ba Charging Attack: 211d8 Attack: 21201

Crow 20ed3

Spider 217bb

Leaveman 20a82


214c7 Head

SpearKnight: 21390 Walking1 213a9 Walking2

2190e Stabing1 2192c Stabing2 09 09086428f9086228f9f8602809f84e2809e84c28f9b84428f9c84628f9d84828f9e84a28

SwingingPlatform: 2285b Platform 22864 Line


RomAddresses of Sprite Assembly Sorted by Frames

Viper Assembly.png