Cv3/Stage 6 Alucard US

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General Advice

This stage is not very hard to do in a speedrun with Alucard as your partner, but it can be very stressful to try to get the second damage boost off of the Axe Armor's axe consistently, especially if you try to do it as fast as possible. Also, it's much easier to kill Death with Trevor but doing so with Alucard saves more time overall since you save about 9 seconds by not switching characters 2 extra times.

Full level playthrough

put video here

  • This assumes you get a high axe from the axe armor in 6-02. Having to fly around the ledge instead of clipping through it costs you ~3-4 seconds, if not more.
  • The second form of Death can be killed slightly faster than this.

japanese strats, makes stage riskier overall


6-02 Axe Armor

put clip here If he throws a high axe, celebrate If not, swear excessively.

6-02 Room just before boss



World Record Chaser:

6-02 Boss Fight

  • Kill Frankenstein's Monster.