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Castlevania Speedrunning β

Cv3/Stage 2


General Advice

You will have to ascend the tower with Trevor. This is one of the more annoying levels to speedrun as you have to fend off Medusa Heads as you climb the vertical areas. A trick is to try to play the level in whichever way you feel most comfortable with all the time, to try to get similar medusa spawn patterns that you're good at dealing with. Once getting Grant, leaving the tower is generally easier, as descending is far quicker plus you now have Grant's set of movement skills.



Learning how to evade and/or kill the Medusas in the most optimal ways possible requires a lot of practice. This room can be tackled in many other ways.

Grant Kill


Jump on the platform and throw holy water at the wall behind Grant. There is a chance that he jumps out of the corner and costs you time though.

Easier Strategy

Jump on and off of the middle block on the other platform while throwing holy water. Just watch out for his dagger if he throws it!