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Richter Belmont
platforms XBLA
categories Any%
All Bosses

Richter speedruns revolve around execution. This page includes information on the character, his special moves and some of the advanced tricks that can be performed.

Character Information

  • Base Hit Points: 50
  • HP gained per HP Max UP: 10
  • Defense: 0
  • Second castle damage multiplier: 2x
  • Richter can buffer a slide out of red doors.

Special Moves


Move Input Damage Total frames Invincible frames Notes
Blade Dash / Airslash U.pngD.pngDf.pngPs1s.png 80 34 33 Ignores airslash motion inputs for 18 frames. Can be chained when airborne. Can jump in a 6 frame window after an airslash.
Uppercut D.pngU.pngPs1x.png 80 46 0 Cannot execute special moves for 4 frames after ceiling bonk. Up input can be a diagonal when airborne.
Slide D.png(hold)Ps1x.png 20 46 0 Can be chain-canceled into itself after 14 frames.
Slide Kick / Vault Kick D.png(hold)Ps1x.pngPs1x.png 20 46 0 Hold Ps1s.png to perform a backflip after hit. Hold Ps1s.png + Ps1x.png to perform a high backflip after hit.


Move Input Alternate Input Notes
Rising Airslash U.pngD.pngDf.pngPs1x.pngPs1s.png While airborne. Removes direction lock state.
Instant Airborne Airslash U.pngD.pngDf.pngN.pngPs1x.pngPs1s.png You can adjust height with the gap between jump and attack.
Sliding Airslash U.pngD.pngDf.png(hold)Ps1x.pngPs1s.png U.pngD.png(hold)Ps1x.pngDf.pngPs1s.png Slide off a ledge and airslash immediately after. Can slide in one direction and airslash the opposite way.



Video Tutorials

Speed Values

horizontal speed values vertical speed values
walking 1.25 uppercut with scroll lock 4.0 UP
damage boost 1.25 damage boost TOP 3.0 UP
jumping 1.25 jump TOP 5.8 UP
uppercut 1.25 uppercut 7.5 UP
backflip 1.5 backflip TOP 4.5 UP
run 2.3
fall 0.8 falling TOP 7.0 DOWN
blade dash TOP 5.2
slide TOP 5.8 zipping 32.0 DOWN
slide kick TOP 6.1 slide kick flip TOP 4.8 UP
blade dash optimal AVERAGE 3.5
slide optimal AVERAGE 4.5